Introducing Duck, a straightforward HTML5 mobile game that brings back the retro vibes of 80s gaming. In Duck, you control a duck through various levels filled with obstacles. Your goal? Find the key to unlock the door and progress to the next level. Think of it like playing a simpler version of Legends of Zelda. With its simple gameplay and classic feel, Duck offers an enjoyable experience for players of all ages. Each level presents new challenges and puzzles to solve, keeping you engaged as you guide your duck through this nostalgic adventure. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or just looking for some casual fun, Duck provides hours of entertainment on your mobile device.

How to play: To start, you'll see three buttons on the welcome screen: Start, Clear Data, and Exit Game. Use the arrow keys to move between them. Select the Start button and press Enter to go to the levels page. You begin at level 1 but can move through the 10 levels using the arrow keys if you've unlocked them.

Desktop: Use the arrow keys to move the duck forward, backward, or to jump. To go through a door, press the arrow down key. If you have a gamepad, use the left stick to move and the A button to jump.

Touchscreen devices: this game only works with gamepads and keyboards.

During gameplay, you'll feel the retro vibes of late 80s or early 90s adventure platform games. Your goal is to guide the duck through each of the 10 levels to find a key that unlocks the door to the next level. You have unlimited lives, but the levels get harder as you go along.


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