Tap E Fly

Tap E Fly is just what the game title suggests: tap to make your character fly and avoid crashing to the ground! Inspired by the famous Flappy Bird game, this version has a unique twist. Instead of pipes, you must navigate through numbered boxes and shoot them down to pass. The longer you stay alive, the higher your score. Playable on both desktop and mobile devices, including Android and iOS platforms.

How to play: To begin, simply click or tap the Play button in the center of the welcome screen.

Desktop: Use your mouse button to click and make the character fly.

Touchscreen devices: Tap the screen to make the character fly.

Gameplay: Similar to Flappy Bird, you control a character trying to fly and shoot through numbered boxes. Each box has a number indicating how many times you need to hit it with your red laser beam before it disappears (the laser fires automatically). It's game over if you drop to the ground, fly higher than the game screen, or hit the boxes head-on. You can hit the boxes from underneath or walk on top of them. Get ready for an addictive tapping game that will keep you engaged!


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