Introducing Duet, an HTML5 mobile game where you test your reaction skills by controlling two colored balls linked by a circle. Rotate the balls to navigate through obstacles and see how long you can endure. Challenge yourself to surpass your high score in this straightforward yet exhilarating game that offers hours of entertainment. Duet is perfect for passing the time as you strive to conquer obstacles and achieve new milestones.

How to play: Begin by clicking the large play icon at the center of the welcome screen. Toggle music on or off using the icon in the lower right corner. Your highest score will be displayed at the top of the screen.

Desktop: Use your mouse to click and hold, altering the wheel's direction.

Touchscreen devices: Tap and hold to adjust the wheel's direction.

Gameplay: Navigate a wheel with two attached balls through a track filled with obstacles. Your goal is to maneuver the wheel so that the obstacles pass through without hitting either ball. It requires quick reflexes and precise control. The game ends if any of the balls on your wheel collide with an obstacle.


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