Toto Double Trouble

Join forces with the Ninja and Toto in "Toto Double Trouble" to embark on thrilling adventures where teamwork is key to overcoming puzzles and obstacles. By collaborating and aiding each other, they can navigate through challenges and reach the exit together to progress through levels. This tandem escape room game is designed for 1 or 2 players, allowing you to control Toto and his ninja companion alternately as they tackle all 20 stages. Work together to step on switches that unlock new pathways and ensure their safe passage.

How to play: To start the game, tap the play button in the lower right corner of the welcome screen.

Desktop: Control Toto with arrow keys: left and right to move, up to jump, down to slide. Control the ninja with WASD keys: A and D to move, W to jump, S to slide.

Touchscreen devices: Use the buttons on the bottom row: left and right arrows to move, up arrow to jump, down arrow to slide. Tap the switch button to switch between Toto and the ninja.

Gameplay: Navigate with Toto and the ninja by jumping on platforms and sliding down walls. The objective is to reach the cave opening to exit. Remember to avoid water hazards by jumping on floating platforms. Both characters must reach the exit to complete the level.

Switches: Step on switches to open doors for your partner. Keep switches on by sliding objects over them. Collect 3 money bags in each level!

Multiplayer Co-op: The best thing about this game is two players can play together! On desktop, control characters simultaneously or take turns. On touchscreen devices, take turns controlling each character.


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