Extreme Racer

Welcome to Extreme Racer, an HTML5 mobile game where you participate in thrilling races to earn coins. Use these coins to upgrade your car or unlock new locations. Grab power-ups along the way to boost your score and dominate the tracks. Experience the excitement of racing as you aim to reach new heights in this action-packed game.

How to play: Start by clicking or tapping the play button on the welcome screen. You can also visit the shop page by clicking on the shop button to purchase additional cars and race tracks using coins collected during the game.

Desktop: Use either the arrow keys or your mouse to change the car's direction.

Touchscreen devices: Tap the left and right arrow keys displayed on the screen to change direction.

Gameplay: Navigate your car along a one-way track, avoiding obstacles and other cars. The car moves at a moderate pace, but power-ups can temporarily boost its speed significantly. During power-ups, you can earn coins by hitting other cars and obstacles. Be cautious, as these power-ups have a limited duration. Colliding with cars or obstacles without a power-up will end the game.


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