Sharks Quiz

How much do you know about sharks? In the game Sharks Quiz, explore the world of sharks, an educational trivia game that tests your knowledge of these apex predators and majestic creatures of our ocean. Answer 10 interesting questions and see if you can achieve a perfect score while learning fascinating facts about sharks. After diving into Sharks Quiz, you will definitely become a true shark expert, or perhaps shark lovers! Perfect for curious minds and trivia nuts!

How to Play: To begin the quiz, click the start button below the shark on the welcome screen.


Desktop: Use the mouse button to click on the correct answer among the multiple choices.

Touchscreen devices: Tap on the letter of your choice among the multiple choices.

Gameplay: There are 10 questions to answer, each one harder than the last. Every question has 4 different choices. This quiz will test your shark knowledge, and you'll learn more about sharks as you play! The goal is to finish with a perfect score!


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