Falling Dots

Welcome to Falling Dots, another exciting addition to our dot game series! In this game, we'll challenge your reflexes and finger tapping or clicking skills. The goal is to achieve the highest score possible by skillfully matching two of your dots, simultaneously, to the falling dots that are approaching. This straightforward yet highly addictive HTML5 game is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices.

How to play: Begin by clicking or tapping on the Play button displayed on the welcome screen. If needed, you can adjust the settings here as well.

Desktop: Use the Z and X keys to change your dots and align them with the falling dots.

Touchscreen devices: Hold or release the left or right side of the screen to modify your dots and match them with the incoming dots.

Gameplay: The objective of the game is simple - match two of your dots with the two falling dots that are falling towards you. There are two strings, the left and right string, that the falling dots follow. Using the controls, you must ensure that the white dots align with the white falling dots, and the black dots match with the black falling dots. Be careful, as the pace of the game will increase as you achieve higher scores. Stay focused and test your skills as you strive for the best score possible in Falling Dots!


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