Are you ready to mouse around with Mouse? Mouse is a delightful game where you guide a little mouse by drawing a safe route to its target, ensuring it avoids dangerous obstacles along the way. Your goal is to assist the little in reaching the destination securely through 45 stages of doodle logic puzzles. Strategically draw a line from the mouse to the red exit button at the end of each level. Be cautious to steer clear of obstacles and collect keys to unlock gates in levels featuring them. Quick and precise drawing is key to conserving ink and avoiding collisions. Once you've crafted your path, click on the GO button in the lower right corner to set the mouse in motion or use the redo button in the upper right corner if adjustments are needed. Enjoy the challenge of guiding the mouse to safety in this engaging puzzle adventure!

How to play: Click on the white and black play button at the center of the screen to access the level select screen. Initially, only the first level is unlocked, and you must complete each of the 45 levels sequentially to progress to the next one. You have the flexibility to revisit and replay any previously conquered level at any time. The number of unlocked levels is displayed at the bottom of the welcome screen, and your game progress is automatically saved by your web browser. Additionally, there is a reset button in the lower right corner of the welcome screen to reset your game progress if needed.


Desktop: Use your mouse left-click button to draw a line from the tip of the mouse's nose to the red button with a white X at the end of the level. After drawing your line, click on the white GO button in the lower right corner to set the mouse in motion.

Touchscreen devices: Tap the screen with your finger and move it across the level to draw the line, then tap the white GO button to proceed. The upper left corner displays your current level number, while the upper right corner features buttons to return to the welcome screen, switch to full-screen mode, or restart the current level.

Gameplay: Your line drawing does not need to be perfectly straight and can turn an unlimited number of times. Draw your line quickly to avoid running out of chalk before reaching the red goal at the end of the level.

Objectives: Strategize to navigate through the levels, avoiding sharp objects and collecting keys before touching the red blocked barrier to progress safely. As you advance, levels become more complex, with moving objects requiring careful timing to navigate past them efficiently. Remember, the edges of the screen are safe, allowing your mouse to run off-screen to minimize obstacles. Adjust your path direction or introduce delays in your route to overcome challenging obstacles.


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