Flags Maniac

Flags Maniac challenges your world flag knowledge in both portrait and landscape modes with 15 questions per round. Test your speed in identifying flags against country names in a multiple-choice format, earning points based on your response time. Perfect for geography enthusiasts or quiz preparation, the game offers new options with each play, ensuring improvement with every round.

How to play: Begin by clicking the large Play icon on the welcome screen. You can also adjust settings like music, and fullscreen mode, and view information about the game's creator.

Desktop: Use your mouse to select the correct flag.

Touchscreen devices: Simply tap the flag you believe is correct.

Gameplay: During each game, you'll have 15 questions that change every time you play. You'll see a country name and pick the right flag from four choices. Even if you run out of time, you can still choose a flag, but you'll get fewer points.


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