Frenetic Space

Frenetic Space is like Galaga or Space on hyper speed! Try to stay alive by dodging dangers in this fast and energetic game. Shooting is automatic, but you must quickly and skillfully avoid enemy attacks. Enjoy the wild and frenetic space action as you navigate your ship, collect different power-ups, and unleash powerful shots. How long can you survive the chaos?

How to Play: On the welcome screen, you’ll find three buttons. Tap or click the Play button to start the game. Select the More Games button to explore other games by SBM Games, the creator of Frenetic Space. Click the Credits button to learn more about the developer.

Desktop: Use your mouse to move your spaceship left and right.

Touchscreen devices: Tap and drag on the screen to control your spaceship.

Gameplay: This game brings back the retro arcade vibes of classics like Galaga or Space Invaders but on steroids. Your spaceship fires automatically as soon as the game begins. Navigate your spaceship left and right to dodge incoming enemy ships. You start with six life bars. Earn points by shooting down enemy ships; the more you destroy, the higher your score. Collect power-ups such as shields, increased rate of fire, and lightning bolts that obliterate all ships in your path. Your spaceship only moves horizontally, keeping you at the bottom of the screen. The game continues indefinitely until you run out of life bars.


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