Golf Field

Welcome to Golf Field, a straightforward 50-level mini-golf game. Guide the ball through a variety of increasingly intricate holes using controlled strokes. Your goal is to sink the ball into the hole within the specified par limit while navigating around spikes to avoid any obstacles. Enjoy the challenge and aim for a hole-in-one on each level!

How to play: Begin by selecting the play button on the welcome screen. Initially, only the first level is accessible, unlocking subsequent levels as you beat each one. Replay any unlocked level whenever you wish. Your game progress is automatically saved by your web browser, visible at the bottom center of the screen. To reset your progress, tap the trash button in the bottom right corner.


Desktop: Using your mouse, drag in the opposite direction to aim. Release to take a stroke.

Touchscreen devices: Using your fingers, swipe in the opposite direction to aim. Release to take a stroke.

Top Right Corner Home button returns you to the welcome screen. Level button takes you to the level selection screen. Reset button restarts the current level.

Top Left Corner indicates level number and remaining strokes counter.


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