Square Game

Immerse yourself in "Square Game," a minigame compilation inspired by the hit Netflix series Squid Game. All the games are playable at the beginning, giving you the freedom to play them in any order you desire. Dive into six different minigames, each drawing inspiration from key events in the series. With sublevels of increasing difficulty in each minigame, can you conquer all the levels presented in this challenging and engaging gaming experience?


Desktop: Utilize your mouse to navigate and select by left-clicking.

Touchscreen devices: Tap on the screen with your fingers to select and navigate seamlessly.


Level Selection: Begin the game with all six unlocked levels (rounds) available, allowing you the flexibility to play them in any preferred sequence. Each level comprises its unique minigame with a distinct set of sublevels that must be unlocked progressively. Initially, only the first level is accessible, and subsequent levels are unlocked upon completion of the preceding one. Replay unlocked sublevels as desired, with each round featuring 45 sublevels, totaling 270 sublevels across all six rounds.


Round 1: Red Light, Green Light

Rules: Navigate to the opposite screen side. Move forward when the red-eyed figure is turned away. Halt movement when the figure faces you. Failure occurs if caught when facing the figure.

Controls: Left-click or tap to initiate movement and release to halt.

Round 2:

Dalgona Candy

Rules: Carve a shape into the candy within 2 minutes. Follow the provided outline precisely to avoid failure.

Controls: Use the mouse or fingers to carve the shape as outlined.

Round 3:

Tug of War

Rules: Continue pulling the rope until a team falls into the pit.

Controls: Select glowing pink buttons on either side to pull. Adapt to changing button configurations.

Round 4:

Marble Game Rules: Guide marbles into the central circle without misfires.

Controls: Use the targeting arrow to aim and launch marbles accurately.

Round 5:

Glass Bridge Rules: Cross the glass bridge without causing cracks.

Controls: Navigate left or right using arrow buttons or screen sides.

Mechanics: Identify uncrackable glass steps based on a white sheen hint.

Round 6:

Square Game Rules: Defeat opponents using your knife before they eliminate you.

Controls: Activate the knife with a click or tap, and hold to move.


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