Jelly in Portal

Jelly in Portal is an engaging game where your objective is to guide jellies into the portal. Ideal for young kids, it offers simple puzzles that are both entertaining and educational, helping children develop problem-solving skills early on. Playable on both desktop and mobile devices, including Android and iOS, it features easy controls and straightforward gameplay. The vibrant graphics and adorable sounds make it a delightful experience for toddlers and preschoolers, keeping them captivated while they learn and have fun.

How to Play: Click or tap the play button in the center of the welcome screen to begin.

Desktop: Click the wooden boxes to make them disappear and click the TNT boxes to make them explode.

Touchscreen devices: Tap the wooden boxes to make them disappear and tap the TNT boxes to make them explode.

Gameplay: Guide the cute Jellies through the portal across 8 levels of increasing difficulty. Wooden boxes act as obstacles that can be removed by clicking or tapping on them. From level 4 onwards, TNT boxes appear; clicking or tapping them causes an explosion that propels the Jelly forward. Wooden ramps help the Jellies move upward.


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