Dead Stones

Dead Stones is an online arcade game built with HTML5. In this game, your goal is to jump and evade the obstacles falling from above to keep your character safe. It's a straightforward concept, but it can quickly become addictive as it requires quick reflexes, strategic thinking, and a bit of luck to succeed. So, sharpen your mind and be ready to react swiftly to survive the challenge!

How to Play: To begin playing Dead Stones, just click the Play button on the welcome screen. You can also switch up the background each time you play by clicking the BG button. Additionally, on the welcome screen, you'll find buttons to control the audio and links to other games.

Desktop: Simply click the left or right mouse button to move your player to the next stone.

Touchscreen devices: Tap on the screen to move your player to the next stone.

Gameplay: This game is simple yet incredibly addictive. It's an endless clicking game with one main objective: to achieve a high score. Guide your player from one stone to another while avoiding falling boxes, mines, and missile bombs. You can only move left to right and right to left during gameplay. Quick reflexes and a bit of luck are the keys to success!


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