Jet Clash

Jet Clash is a must-play for flying game fans! In this action-packed flying and shooting game, you protect your fighter jet from enemy jets. The more enemy jets you shoot down, the higher your score. Choose from two jet options and select your preferred fighter. Jet Clash is playable on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices, and is compatible with both Android and iOS.

How to Play:
On the welcome screen, you'll see three buttons. The Exit button quits the game, the Options button lets you choose between two jet fighter models and select controls for desktop or mobile, and the Play button starts the game.

Use the arrow keys to move your jet and tap the space key to shoot other jets.

Touchscreen Devices:
Use the virtual keys on the screen to fly your jet and shoot other jets.

This retro flying and shooting game is endless, continuing until your jet is shot down or crashes. You start with four lives and unlimited missiles. Earn points by shooting other jets and collecting randomly appearing coins. Power-ups for extra lives are also available.


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