Jump Minimal

Introducing Jump Minimal, an easy yet challenging platform running game with a sleek design. Guide a black circle as it moves swiftly to the right. Encounter purple square obstacles along the way and navigate over, under, or through them. Suitable for all ages, jump across platforms to increase your score.

How to Play: Simply click or tap anywhere on the welcome screen to start the game.

Desktop: Use your mouse click button to make the black circle jump. Double-click to jump higher.

Touchscreen devices: Tap anywhere on the screen to make the black circle jump. Double-tap to jump higher.

Gameplay: In this sleek running game, control a black circle speeding continuously to the right. Purple square obstacles appear singly or in pairs, which you must avoid by jumping over, under, or through them. Score points by surpassing obstacles. The pace increases as you progress, making it an endless challenge where hitting any square ends the game.


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