Math Game 2

Math Game 2 is an educational experience compatible with HTML5 browsers and mobile devices, designed to enhance skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Race against the clock to solve as many math problems as you can within the time limit! Your accuracy score increases with each correct answer, so strive for precision to achieve a high accuracy rating!

How to play: On the classroom blackboard-themed welcome screen, tap the center Play button to begin. Toggle the music on or off by tapping the speaker icon in the upper right corner.

Desktop: Use your mouse to select the correct answer from the options provided.

Touchscreen devices: Tap on the correct answer using your fingers.

Gameplay: This a straightforward math challenge where you must solve basic math problems within 30 seconds. Each problem appears on the blackboard with four possible answers below. Choose the correct answer by clicking or tapping. Correct answers are marked with a green square, while incorrect answers display a red square. After the game ends, see your total correct answers, mistakes made, and accuracy percentage.


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