Geometry Rash

In Geometry Rash, players of all levels can enjoy a thrilling experience. Guide a brave geometric hero through a world filled with stars to collect, but be wary of treacherous spikes and challenging obstacles at every corner. Test your agility and quick reflexes as you help the hero leap over dangers and navigate through pyramid obstacles. Stay focused on the goal of gathering bright stars to maximize your score. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or a casual player, Geometry Rash offers rhythmic fun and excitement. Race against time to gather stars, dodge obstacles, and achieve high scores in this engaging online game playable on mobile phones, tablets, or computers.

How to play: To start playing Geometry Rash, click the Play icon on the welcome screen. You can also select your character by tapping the "choose character" button under the Play icon. As you progress and earn more stars in the game, you can unlock new characters.

Desktop: Use the left or right mouse button to jump.

Touchscreen devices: Simply tap on the screen to make your character jump.

Gameplay: Your goal in the game is to complete each level while collecting as many stars as possible. Along the way, you'll encounter obstacles that you must jump over to stay alive. Colliding with any obstacle results in an instant game over, so be careful and stay alert!


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