Paint Them All

In Paint Them All, you embark on a mission to defend your base from waves of monsters. Instead of traditional weapons, you use paint as your ammunition to defeat these creatures. Your objective is to douse the invading hordes in vibrant paint until they pop and are eliminated. This unique, colorful shooting game challenges you to survive through all the waves of enemies and protect your territory.

How to Play: Click or tap the red "Play" button to start. This will take you to the levels page, featuring 11 stages. On the levels page, click the diamond icon in the top right corner to access the upgrade page, where you can buy better equipment using gold coins earned from completed levels.

Desktop: Use your mouse to aim and shoot your paintball.

Touchscreen Devices: Tap the screen to aim and shoot.

Gameplay: Aim and fire your paint gun at oncoming enemies using simple point-and-click controls. Conserve your paint supply, as running out leaves you defenseless. Adapt to the varying speeds of different enemies, requiring precise timing for each wave. Strategically time your shots to eliminate multiple enemies with a single well-placed blast.


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