Mega Truck

Get ready for a fun truck driving experience in "Mega Truck"! With 20 challenging levels ahead, your task is to navigate your heavy truck through obstacles while ensuring your cargo remains intact until you reach your destination. Unlike monster trucks, this game is inspired by construction site dump trucks, adding a unique twist to your driving adventure. Drive cautiously to avoid any spillage, collect coins during your journey, and make sure not to lose all your cargo to prevent your truck from breaking down. Complete all 20 stages successfully to test your driving skills to the fullest. Are you up for the challenge? Let's hit the road!

How to play: To start the game, tap the play button on the welcome screen. The bottom row features essential game controls including the music button for toggling music, the speaker button for sound effects, and the enlarge button for screen modes. Your game progress is automatically saved by your web browser.


Desktop: Use the arrow keys to control the truck's movements - up to accelerate, down to reverse, and left/right to maintain balance.

Touchscreen devices: Tap the pedals for acceleration, reverse, and balance. The top row displays key controls like reset and quit buttons, music, speaker, and enlarge options.

Gameplay: Progress through levels sequentially, unlocking the next level by completing the current one. Drive carefully to reach the finish line with cargo intact, avoiding dropping it to prevent explosions. Collect coins for scoring, with respawning coins on level restarts. Keep playing to gather more coins and enhance your score.


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