Micro Golf Ball 2

Experience the thrill of Micro Golf Ball 2, a fresh and exciting take on golf in this innovative gaming realm. Engage with a variety of captivating puzzle blocks where your aim is to guide the ball to the post with precision and skill. Set the angle carefully to ensure the ball reaches its destination, and fear not if you miss – simply restart and try again. Traverse through all levels, showcasing your accuracy and determination to emerge victorious in this game. Starting like traditional mini-golf, this game introduces a unique twist by requiring you to shoot each ball into its corresponding colored hole. Master the art of gentle strokes with just the right amount of force to propel the ball accurately towards its designated hole. Utilize portals strategically to navigate the balls to their respective destinations, adding an extra layer of challenge and fun to the gameplay. Enjoy the immersive experience of Micro Golf Ball 2, where precision, strategy, and skill are key to conquering each level and emerging victorious in this exciting golf adventure!

How to play: Simply tap the play button located in the middle of the welcome screen to begin. If needed, reset your progress by selecting the gear button at the bottom right corner of the screen. Your progress is automatically saved by your web browser for seamless continuation.


Desktop: Use your mouse to charge your stroke by left-clicking and release to swing.

Touchscreen devices: Tap the screen to charge a stroke and release to swing.

Gameplay: You'll find the reset button at the top left corner to restart from the beginning and the home button at the top right corner to return to the level selection screen. When it comes to executing strokes, left-click or tap to charge your stroke, determining the strength by how long you hold. Aim in the desired direction and release the click or tap to swing.

Objectives: Guide the ball to the hole of its color to clear the level successfully. Avoid failure by ensuring the ball stays on the green and lands in the correct hole. As you progress, you may encounter portals in certain levels. Utilize these portals to ensure the ball reaches its intended destination.

Levels: Levels are unlocked sequentially, with only the first level accessible initially. You have the flexibility to replay any unlocked levels at any time. The number of levels you've unlocked is displayed at the bottom center of the welcome screen.


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