Boy Adventurer

Join the Boy Adventurer in a thrilling 12-level platform game set in a dangerous jungle temple. Your goal is to collect 3 keys in each stage to progress. Defeat zombies by jumping on their heads, watch out for spikes, slide, climb walls, and gather coins. Protect yourself from bombs and zombies using magic potions. Explore this engaging horizontal platformer, survive the temple's challenges, unlock doors with keys, and earn extra points by stomping on enemies.

How to play: To start the game, tap "Play" on the bottom left corner of the welcome screen. Below the play button, you'll find several options. Facebook button lets you share the game on social media, a music button to toggle the game's music, and a speaker button to control the sound effects. Switch between full-screen and windowed modes as well. Your game progress is automatically saved by your web browser.

Desktop: Use the arrow keys to move and jump. Double tap the up arrow key for a double jump. Use the down arrow key to slide

Touchscreen devices: Tap the arrow buttons to move and jump. Double tap the up arrow button for a double jump. Slide by tapping the down arrow button while moving.

Gameplay: Progress through levels by running to the end. Collect 3 keys and as many coins as possible. Avoid falling off platforms. Defeat zombies for extra points. Beware of falling platforms and move quickly. Time your jumps on moving platforms. Use seesaw platforms strategically. Utilize spring-loaded platforms for quick ascents. Navigate around wooden cars and logs

Enemies: Choose to avoid or stomp on enemies for points. You can protect yourself with a magic potion. Remember that falling or losing all health results in failure.

Objectives: Earn points by collecting coins and defeating zombies, each worth different points!


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