Mini Golf

Mini Golf is an interactive game where players control the golf ball's swing to hit through the obstacles to win! Going out of bounds results in a loss. You need to strategize your shots to navigate the challenging course, using the nifty pulling feature for precise control. Landing the ball in the putting green areas is the main goal! This game also offers realistic physics, adding to the experience. It is a pretty straightforward mini-golf game that surely offers hours of entertainment. Aim for the perfect shot and conquer each hole like a pro!

How to Play: To begin, click on any of the number buttons. This will take you to the different golfing holes.

Desktop: Use the left or right mouse button to choose a hole. To make the golf ball move, click and hold the mouse button, drag to set the angle, then release to hit the ball.

Touchscreen Devices: Tap the desired hole number to choose a golf hole. Drag your finger in the direction you want the ball to go, then release to hit the ball.

Gameplay: It's a fun but challenging miniature golf course. You can play any of the 18 holes at any time, but remember, higher-numbered holes have tougher obstacles. The goal is to land the ball on the putting green. If the ball goes out of bounds or off a cliff, it's game over.


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