Monster Destroyer

Get ready to destroy the monster, however cute they look! Monster Destroyer is a game where your mission is to demolish various blocks such as wood, metal, and explosives. Your goal is to guide the hero monster to confront and eliminate the enemy monster across multiple levels. Each level presents a unique challenge, requiring strategic thinking to navigate and reach the other monster successfully. Keep an eye out for coins to collect as a bonus during your journey. This 30-stage block removal physics game demands your skill in removing blocks in the precise sequence to bring the hero cube in contact with the monster cube. The key to clearing each level is ensuring that the hero lands on the enemy. While the game starts off easy, the difficulty escalates as you progress, becoming more challenging from level 6 onward. Select and remove blocks strategically, following the correct order in many levels to create a path for the hero to reach the enemy.

How to play: Simply select the yellow play button below the game title on the welcome screen. Your game progress is automatically saved by your web browser for seamless continuation.


Desktop: Use your mouse to left-click and remove the blocks, while on touchscreen devices, tap on the blocks with your fingers to eliminate them.

Gameplay: Each level must be unlocked sequentially, with only the first level accessible initially. After completing a level, click on the pink arrow button on the win screen to progress to the next one. You have the option to replay any unlocked levels at any time.

Objectives: Guide the hero cube to the monster cube by strategically removing blocks. Ensure the hero lands on the enemy by selecting and removing individual blocks, with some requiring multiple clicks to eliminate. Collect stars for an added challenge, although they do not contribute to achievements.


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