Pause Puzzle Game

"Pause" is a 24-level puzzle game where you can stop time to solve challenges. You press buttons to make boxes fall and collect bullets, then pause time to use these items to navigate each level safely. Avoid spikes and lasers as you make your way to the exit door. The goal is to strategically manipulate the environment when time is frozen to complete each stage. "Pause" offers a unique and challenging 2D gameplay experience with its clever puzzles and intriguing premise.

How to play: Simply press any key on the welcome screen to access the level-select screen. Your progress is automatically saved by your web browser. On the welcome screen's lower right corner, you'll find buttons for erasing game data.

Desktop: Use the arrow keys to move left or right, press the up arrow key to jump, freeze the level layout with the C key, and shoot bullets with the X key.

Touchscreen devices: Utilize on-screen controls: move left and right with buttons in the lower left corner, shoot bullets with the X button, jump with the A button, and freeze the level with the B button.

Gameplay: Your objective is to escape each room by reaching the exit while avoiding lasers and spikes. Spikes remain still, but lasers can appear from above or below. Challenges become tougher as you progress, requiring quick thinking and timing skills. You can freeze objects on the screen to assist you, like creating platforms from boxes or blocking lasers. Stepping on red buttons triggers box drops, and shooting bullets helps overcome obstacles. With 24 levels to conquer, you can replay any level over and over again!


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