Mr Long Leg

Stretch it out with Mr. Long Legs in this HTML5 mobile game that can be played on iOS, android, or PC! He is a man in a suit who can stretch his legs to walk over anything in his path. In this game, you control him to walk as far as possible, tapping to stretch his legs and releasing to shorten them, while avoiding obstacles. The game speeds up over time, adding to the challenge. Available on mobile phones, tablets, and computers, it helps Mr. Long Legs reach his destination.

How to Play: To begin the game, simply tap or click on the flashing Play button on the welcome screen. You can also share the game or your high score on Twitter/X.


Desktop: Click and hold the mouse button to make Mr. Long Leg's legs longer.

Touchscreen Devices: Tap on the screen to make Mr. Long Leg's legs longer.

Gameplay: The game kicks off with Mr. Long Leg looking normal, but once you tap or click and hold, you'll see him stretch those long legs as far as you want. This comes in handy as you navigate between obstacles. Remember, you must keep tapping or clicking to keep his legs stretched! If you bump into any obstacles, it's game over.


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