Platform Super Jump

Platform Super Jump is a retro-style parkour adventure game where your goal is to collect all the coins to open the portal and move to the next level. Along the way, you can also gather stars to achieve 100% completion. Be careful of the many obstacles, as falling or hitting them will end your game. Have fun and test your skills to see how far you can progress in this 15 level game!

How to play: On the welcome screen, you'll find two buttons and two icons. Tap or click on the Play button to start the game. To learn how to move, tap on the How to Play button. You can toggle the music on or off by tapping the Speaker icon in the upper right corner of the screen. For full-screen mode, tap the icon in the lower right corner.

Desktop: Use your mouse button to jump; double-click to jump higher.

Touchscreen devices: Tap anywhere on the screen to jump; double-tap to jump higher.

Gameplay: You control a character dressed in green (maybe a leprechaun, but too cute to be one). The character automatically moves from left to right (and reverses direction at the screen edges). Your goal is to collect all the coins scattered along the path to unlock the portal. Watch out for cliffs and spikes along the way. Stars are optional but help complete the level 100%. Collect the J+ power-up for an extra 5 jumps.


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