Plane Shooter

In the game Plane Shooter, you'll encounter five unique enemies, each with their own attack styles - from rockets to bullets and lasers. Be prepared for challenging boss battles in some levels, requiring specific strategies and skills to overcome. Utilize your weapons effectively, dodge enemy attacks, and defeat bosses to progress through each level. Enhance your plane, weapons, and lives at the in-game shop. Simply tap or hold left-click to release a continuous stream of bullets against enemy aircraft. Maneuver side to side and up or down to avoid incoming fire. Keep an eye out for heart ships to restore health and coin ships to collect coins for purchasing plane upgrades. Engage in 45 exciting stages, including 3 epic boss encounters.

How to play: To begin your aerial adventure in Plane Shooter, simply tap the blue and white play button at the center of the welcome screen to access the level selection screen. Progress through levels is unlocked sequentially, and your game progress, including defeated levels, coin savings, and purchased upgrades, is automatically saved by your web browser. The number of unlocked levels is displayed at the bottom center of the welcome screen, while the gear button in the lower right corner allows for resetting game progress.


Desktop: Use your mouse left-click to fire upwards from your position and scroll the mouse across the screen to maneuver your plane. To execute a rapid move from one location to another, release the mouse left-click button, drag the cursor, and then click again.

Touchscreen devices: Simply tap the screen to fire and move your finger around the screen to adjust your plane's position.

Gameplay: Navigate your plane vertically to evade enemy fire and eliminate adversaries.

Objectives: Levels are based on defeating a set number of enemies rather than distance. Collect hearts from heart ships to restore health and coins from coin ships to purchase ship upgrades.

Levels: Engage in 45 levels, including 3 challenging boss battles, each presenting a unique mix of enemy types and difficulty levels. Upgrade your plane, bullets, and health at the in-game shop to enhance your gameplay experience. Each feature can be upgraded twice, with the first upgrade costing 100 coins and the second upgrade costing 200 coins. Enhance your shooting capabilities, bullet size, and health capacity to maximize your chances of success in this thrilling aerial combat game.


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