Pop Blue

Introducing Pop Blue, a hyper-casual game featuring minimalist visuals and increasing difficulty. Your objective is straightforward: pop the blue balls that appear on the screen to rack up points and enhance your reflexes. However, beware of the spikes positioned at the screen's bottom—if you miss popping a blue ball, it will plummet and collide with these spikes, abruptly ending your game. Can you master the challenge and achieve a high score?

How to play: To begin playing, click or tap the play icon on the welcome screen. You can also switch to full-screen mode using the option button.

Desktop: Use your mouse button to shoot the blue balls as they appear.

Touchscreen devices: Tap the screen where the blue balls appear to pop them.

Gameplay: The objective of the game is straightforward: shoot or pop the blue balls before they fall onto the spikes at the bottom of the screen, as hitting these spikes ends the game. Ignore the red balls—they're just distractions!


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