Protect Circle

Introducing Protect Circle, a hyper-casual game featuring a minimalist design and polished gameplay. Your goal is simple: defend the circle from incoming enemies by strategically moving a rotating shield. Rotate clockwise or counterclockwise to intercept enemy shells effectively. Grab special items to unleash a powerful attack, clearing all nearby enemies at once. Collect power-ups for enhanced defense or extra lives to prolong your survival. How long can you endure the onslaught?

How to play: To begin, select "Start" at the center of the welcome screen. Below, find these buttons: tap "Information" to learn the rules, "Enlarge" to switch window sizes, and "Speaker" to adjust sound settings. Your web browser saves both recent and best scores, displayed below the game title.

Desktop: Use your mouse: click right to rotate clockwise and left to rotate counterclockwise. Alternatively, use your keyboard with the right arrow for clockwise and left arrow for counterclockwise rotation.

Touchscreen devices: Use your fingers: tap right to rotate clockwise and left to rotate counterclockwise.

Gameplay: This game involves rotating the shield to defend the inner circle from enemy shots. Allow special items in for bonuses. Start with 3 lives; losing a life shrinks the circle. Collect power-ups to replenish lives and bonus points. Your score tallies enemy deflections; each deflection scores 1 point. Track your score at the circle's center.


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