Popcorn Eater

Get ready for a popcorn popping adventure. Play this game, Popcorn Eater, and you'll become a popcorn master as you tap your way to success. Your objective is to send the popcorn kernels flying out of the popcorn bucket and into the eagerly awaiting mouth of a hungry man. With each level, the challenge becomes more exciting as you master the art of popcorn launching. With each successful launch, you'll get closer to satisfying the ravenous man's cravings.

Play Popcorn Eater on your desktop device or your touchscreen device by first pressing the play arrow button to begin. Choose the subsequent unlocked level to continue. Use your finger or mouse to burst popcorn out of the bucket and through the barriers in order to feed the man. Feed him until he reaches the end of the "eat line" in order to go forward. Accuracy is essential. You will have to start the level again if you spill more than three kernels while playing.


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