Shape Shoot

Shape Shoot is a colorful shooting game where you aim to hit the rotating white shapes until they disappear. The game features a vibrant background of colorful squares, adding to the visual appeal. As the shapes rotate, you need to shoot accurately to make them vanish and score points. The more precise your shots, the higher your score will be. Challenge yourself to improve your accuracy and achieve the highest score possible in this visually engaging game!

How to Play: To enter the welcome screen, tap the "TAP TO START" button. Once there, click the big Play icon to start the game. There is no option to turn the music on or off.


Desktop: Use the mouse button to shoot the shapes.

Touchscreen devices: Tap the screen to shoot the shapes.

Gameplay: You start with 30 bullets. Your shooter is in the center of the screen, surrounded by 8 shapes. Shoot each shape twice to make them disappear. When you clear all the shapes, a new set will appear. The game continues until you run out of bullets. Aim for the high score!


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