Calcudoku is a logical and mathematical challenge that bears some similarities to Sudoku. The goal is to fill up the grid, which varies in size based on the difficulty level (easy, medium, hard, expert), with the digits 1 through 3 to 5.

You may use a touchscreen device or a desktop computer to play Calcudoku. The following are the Calcudoku puzzle rules:

-Insert one of the digits 1 through 3 to 5 in each grid row and column.
-In Calcudoku, there is no "box" limitation. Numbers and mathematical operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) are shown in bold-lined sections. The region's digits have to add up to the specified amount.
-You must deduct the lesser numbers from the greatest number in the bold-lined area when using subtraction sums. You must divide the greatest number in the region by the lesser numbers when working with division sums.
-As long as it doesn't violate the restriction that a number cannot repeat within a row or column, numbers are allowed to repeat within sum zones with bold lines.


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