Shortcut Race

In this thrilling racing game, Shortcut Race, you must race to the finish line. The objective is to get to the finish line first, but if you want to win the race, you'll need to take a few shortcuts. Gather planks and use them to construct bridges across the lake so you may shorten the racetrack and take a shortcut. Avoid falling into the water to prevent having to restart. You will be given the opportunity to increase your coin award in the bonus round if you come in first place. To improve your player, gather coins. By finishing levels, you may access new types of planks and other racing venues. Oh, we intended to say swift and crafty wins the race instead of slow and steady!

Can be played via touchscreen devices or desktop devices. To maneuver your runner, click and drag the mouse from side to side or use a swipe. Along the journey, gather planks to be used in your own bridge construction.


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