Embark on a journey in Zombinators, an online game set in a post-apocalyptic world. Take up the challenge of defending humanity against green zombies using your mighty vehicle. Crush these undead foes as you navigate through deserted cities and streets. Gather essential supplies, steer clear of obstacles, and stay on guard. Enjoy the thrilling action of Zombinators on any device and prove yourself as the ultimate hero in this exciting adventure.

How to Play: To start playing, click the play button below the game title on the welcome screen.

Desktop: Use the arrow keys to play. Press the space key to jump, and the down arrow key to brake.

Touchscreen devices: Tap the arrow buttons on the lower left of the screen to move and brake. Tap the Jump button on the lower right of the screen to jump.

Gameplay: In this game, you control a speedy zombie-busting truck. Use the arrow keys and jump button skillfully! Drive through the track and hit zombies along the way. Don't forget to collect dollar signs for extra points! Enjoy the challenge of 8 fun levels!


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