Super Frog

Embark on an exciting adventure with Super Frog, a fantastic platform game reminiscent of the classic Super Mario style! Explore 8 incredible levels filled with challenges where you must jump on enemies' heads to defeat them and avoid being touched to protect your lives. Keep a keen eye out for fruits as collecting 30 of them grants you an additional life, ensuring you stay in the game for longer. Enjoy the thrilling gameplay and nostalgic vibes as you navigate through this captivating world with Super Frog!


Desktop: Press A/D to move left and right. Use W to jump and climb, and S to descend the ladder. Press X to shoot arrows.

Console controller: Press X to shoot and B to jump. Utilize the analog stick to move right, left, and navigate up and down the ladder.

Touchscreen: Tap the corresponding buttons on the screen to move left and right, up and down, and shoot arrows.


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