Pink or Blue

Welcome to Pink or Blue, a super casual game featuring a minimalist design and highly challenging gameplay. In this game, your task is to press and hold to rotate slowly, and release to change direction, aligning your movement with the color of the incoming capsules. Each level increases in difficulty, requiring precise timing and quick reflexes to match the right colors. The simplicity of controls belies the complexity of the challenge – it's much harder than it looks! Test your patience and skill as you strive to achieve a high score and master the art of color matching. Are you up for the challenge?

How to Play: To begin playing, click the capsule labeled "Start" on the welcome screen. Below this button, you'll find the option to switch to full-screen mode.

Desktop: Use the mouse button to change the rotation direction of the object.

Touchscreen devices: Tap anywhere on the screen to change the rotation direction of the object.

Gameplay: In the center of the screen, control a rotating object with two capsule heads—one pink and one blue. Pink or blue capsules will approach from the upper or lower part of the screen. Your goal is to match the color of the incoming capsules with the corresponding capsule head on your rotating object. You can allow the capsules to hit the sides, but they must match colors to avoid game over. It's challenging and requires precise timing to master.


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