Experience the thrill of Swerve, a fast-paced game challenging your reflexes and focus. Dodge enemies progressively appearing, aiming to achieve the highest score. Test your hand-eye coordination as you navigate obstacles, making quick decisions to avoid collisions. Stay engaged with sleek visuals and responsive controls for precise movements, immersing yourself in this exhilarating gameplay.

How to play: To begin the game, click the mouse button or tap the screen on the welcome screen.

Desktop: Use the mouse button to maneuver the black square.

Touchscreen devices: Tap the screen to maneuver the black square.

Gameplay: This game involves guiding the black square within the square playing area to evade incoming red circles. The square moves based on where you tap or click outside the playing area. Tap or click in the lower part outside the square to move upward, and vice versa for downward movement. Similarly, tap or click outside on the left or right to move left or right. Avoiding corners is crucial as it's difficult to maneuver out of them. The game continues endlessly unless your square is hit by a randomly entering red circle.


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