Dodo is a cute and simple HTML5 game where you tilt your mobile device to slide the dodo box left and right to avoid incoming colored boxes. If any box hits you, it's game over. The game is easy to play and fun, requiring you to tilt your phone to navigate. The longer you avoid the boxes, the higher your score. Enjoy this engaging game and see how long you can last!

How to play:
On the welcome screen, you will find three buttons: High Score to see your best score so far, Share to post it on Twitter/X, and Play to begin the game.


Desktop: Although optimized for mobile devices, you can use the left and right arrow keys to slide the dodo box from left to right and vice versa.

Touchscreen devices: Tilt your mobile devices from left to right to avoid the incoming colored boxes.

Gameplay: The objective is simple: avoid the incoming colored boxes by tilting your mobile device from left to right or using the left and right arrow keys on a desktop. Stay alive as long as possible to increase your score, which goes up every second you avoid the boxes.


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