Targets Attack

Take archery to a whole new level of challenge with this twist that moves away from what you might expect in this engaging game. Draw your bow over a cluster of targets with dynamic arcs instead of the straight line to clear each one. Test your accuracy and flexibility by trying to achieve the highest score that shows your skill in archery in a really easy to learn but greatly challenging game. Feel the thrill from every successful hit of outmaneuvering whimsical physics in this captivating game that pushes your skills to the limits.

To start your archery adventure, simply access the welcome screen and tap the play button. For instance, where a desktop user has to click, pull back, and release with the mouse, a touchscreen player of the device needs to perform all of the actions with a single tap and drag movement. Please remember, all arrows fly in a curve governed by virtual winds, so one has to duly change the angles and power. With only three lives in hand, aim accurately to keep your game alive and score high. Explore the finesse of archery while indulging in a fun, interactive way.


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