The Rescue Rocket

In The Rescue Rocket game, you're an astronaut on a mission to save people with your rocket. Earn points for each person saved, with green VIPs worth more. Navigate traps and obstacles to score high. Guide your crew through a portal to safety, avoiding collisions. Test your piloting skills to save teammates before reaching the finish line.

How to play: Just click or tap at the screen to begin!

Desktop: Use either the left or right mouse button to keep the rocket afloat.

Touchscreen devices: Tap on the screen to keep the rocket flying.

Gameplay: To pilot your spaceship in The Rescue Rocket, stay focused. Use your cursor or touchscreen on mobile to navigate through obstacles without crashing. Your mission is to safely deliver teammates to the finish line. Practice control for better maneuverability. Speed isn't always best; steady progress is key. Save all teammates to boost your score.


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