The Snake and Blocks

The Snake and Blocks is a fun and engaging game where the goal is to break through blocks by making sure your snake's number is higher than the number on the blocks. Navigate your snake, collect numbers to grow, and tackle the blocks ahead. Kids will love playing this game while also improving their math skills. Dive in and see how long you can keep your snake growing and moving forward!

How to play: Click the big red play icon in the center of the welcome screen to start the game.

Desktop: Click and hold the mouse button to guide your snake to the numbered blocks.

Touchscreen devices: Tap and hold the screen, then drag your snake to the numbered blocks.

Gameplay: The objective is to ensure your snake's number is higher than the blocks it encounters. You start with a base number of 10. Numbered blocks will come your way in groups of five. Collect the yellow circles to add to your snake's number before hitting the blocks. The numbers on the yellow circles and blocks vary each time. Hitting a block reduces your snake's number by the block's value. The game ends when your snake's number reaches zero. Quick thinking and good hand-eye coordination are essential.


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