Fast Ball

Fast Ball is a challenging hyper-casual game with a minimalist style, reminiscent of classic Brick Breaker but with its own unique twist. Control the ball using a beam to prevent it from falling and aim to hit the large white balls. Your objective is to destroy as many white balls as possible without letting your ball drop from the beam. Each hit makes a white ball disappear, spawning a new one in a different location.

How to Play
Click or tap anywhere on the screen to start playing.

Use the left mouse button or the left and right arrow keys to move the platform.

Touchscreen Devices
Tap the left or right part of the screen to move the platform.

In this minimalist Brick Breaker-style game, control a platform while a blue ball bounces across the screen. Your goal is to hit the randomly appearing big white ball at the top using the blue ball, bouncing it off your platform and the screen sides. Be careful as the game area shrinks over time! Avoid letting the blue ball slip under or behind your platform to keep playing.


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