Toto Adventure

Welcome to the adventurous Toto Adventure game! Join Toto, the brave explorer, in his quest to find hidden treasures across 24 challenging stages. Overcome obstacles, defeat zombies by jumping over them, and collect coins and keys. Unlock the treasure by gathering all the keys to progress to the next stage. Play as Toto, a ninja, or a robot, and aim to unlock the treasure chest by collecting 3 keys while avoiding enemies and hazards. Improve your level rating by collecting coins and keys as you navigate through the exciting levels.

How to play: To start the game, tap the play button on the bottom left of the welcome screen. Choose one of the 3 characters in the center of the screen.

Desktop: Use arrow keys to move (left/right), jump (up), and slide (down).

Touchscreen devices: Tap arrow buttons to move (left/right), jump (up), and slide (down)Game

Gameplay: Choose from Toto, Ninja, or Robot characters. Unlock levels by completing them. Avoid enemies and hazards. Collect keys and coins. Navigate levels using platforms and switches. Manage hit points and health bar. Stomp enemies for points and dodge spikes and hazards. Enjoy unlimited continues.

Some controls are a bit frustrating, like floating after hitting the ceiling. Slide down walls for better timing control on falls.


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