War of Tanks Paper Note

War of Tanks Paper Note is a fascinating one or two player game.
In the single-player mode, there are three distinct battle segments available. There are five targets in each segment that you need to take out. Once a target is destroyed, the laser pass stops and you may go on to the next one. You have to be on the lookout for opposing tanks and soldiers that might attack you. The 2 player option has 20 levels in total. You are free to choose how many games you would like to play and at which difficulty level you would like to attempt. To enhance your experience even more, make use of the bonuses that are provided on every stage.

On your desktop device in one player mode use the arrow keys to move your tanker and the space bar to shoot. In two player mode the Purple Tank player uses the WASD keys to move and space bar to shoot, and the Green Tank player uses arrow keys to move and the M key to shoot.


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