Animal Memory Game for Kids

Animal Memory Game for Kids is an engaging and educational game designed for pre-schoolers. With 12 levels, it helps children learn about different animals while boosting their memory skills. The game is simple: find all the hidden card pairs by selecting two cards at a time. Successfully paired cards will disappear from the screen. As you advance through the levels, more cards are added, making the game progressively more challenging. Perfect for young learners, this game combines fun and learning, keeping kids entertained and enhancing their minds.

How to play: On the welcome screen, click the big purple play button to go to the level selection page. There, you can choose from 12 different stages. On the welcome screen, you can toggle the music on or off by clicking the speaker icon in the upper right corner. Social media sharing buttons are at the bottom of the screen.

Desktop: Use your mouse to left-click and select.

Touchscreen devices: Tap the screen and select a card.

Gameplay: Choose from 12 levels with increasing difficulty. Find and match pairs of animal cards by selecting one card to reveal it and then selecting another. If they match, the cards are removed; if not, they turn face down again. Remember the card positions and match all pairs to win.


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