BBAALLZZ is a fun and simple tapping game that offers endless entertainment. Your goal is to tap the screen to destroy all the colored balls that appear. Each level presents more balls to pop, making the game progressively more challenging and engaging. With infinite levels, you can keep playing as long as you like, always trying to beat your previous high score.

How to Play: Click on the play icon to start playing the game.


Desktop: Use the mouse button to click on the screen and make the balls burst.

Touchscreen devices: Tap on the screen to make the colored balls burst.

Gameplay: Bbaallzz is a very simple game that both kids and adults can enjoy. Just click or tap anywhere on the screen to make the colored balls burst. You need to time your clicks or taps carefully to hit all the colored balls. If you don't plan your actions, you might miss some of the balls. The game gets more challenging as you progress, requiring better timing and strategy to clear all the balls in each level. It's easy to play but hard to master, making it a fun and addictive game for all ages.


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