Bounce Dot

Bounce Dot is a fun game where you guide a small dot through a tough world full of dangers. With a quick tap, you help the dot bounce along and escape the crumbling ground and risky obstacles. There's no need for tutorials - just jump in and start having a blast. Collect white stars to score points, but watch out for traps and obstacles along the way. It's all about quick thinking and staying alert in this fast-paced adventure game.

How to Play: To begin playing, simply click or tap on the "Play" button. You can also adjust game settings before starting.


Desktop: Click the mouse button to make the white dot bounce. Click again to increase its bounce speed.

Touchscreen devices: Tap the screen to make the white dot bounce.

Gameplay: Your goal is to collect stars to score points. However, it won't be easy as the ground crumbles behind you as you move forward. Watch out for spikes as obstacles. Be careful not to bounce too high, as going off-screen ends the game!


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