Filled Glass 3: Portals


Get ready for a fun challenge with "Filled Glass 3 Portals" - it's not just about filling glasses with colored balls, it's trickier than it sounds! Dive right in to discover the twists and turns of navigating portals to get those colorful balls into the right containers. Remember, each glass has to be filled up to a specific mark, shown by a blue dotted line, to make it happy and complete. This game offers 30 levels of increasing difficulty, and whether you're using a mouse or tapping on a screen, your goal remains the same: fill up that glass. But there's a catch - you'll need to transform white balls into colored ones via portals first, and precision is key, as you must produce just enough balls to reach the target without any waste. So, let's have some fun and see if you can master all the levels!

Simply use your mouse or finger to control all aspects of playing Filled Glass 3: Portals.


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