Car Bumper

Get ready to race in Car Bumper, a thrilling game where you'll compete to collect money before the CPUs snatch it up. Inspired by demolition derbies, this bumper cars game puts you in the driver's seat. Dodge collisions, gather cash and unlock new vehicles with your earnings. Keep an eye on the timer as you strive to collect as much money as possible without crashing into other cars.

How to play: To begin, navigate the welcome screen by selecting a car and using the arrows on either side to browse through available options. With up to 14 extra cars to unlock, choose your favorite and hit the play button at the bottom center to start the game. Your progress is automatically saved by your web browser, and your current cash is displayed in the top right corner.

Desktop: Control your car using the keyboard arrows: up to move forward, down to reverse, and left or right to steer. Alternatively, use the mouse left-click button and move the cursor to turn. On touchscreen devices, tap on the touchpad with your fingers to move around.

Gameplay: Navigate the arena, avoiding obstacles and other cars while collecting as much cash as possible. Each wad of cash you collect is worth $50. Keep driving until the timer expires, and use the cash earned to unlock new cars on the welcome screen.


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